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Who we are

Manor House Development Trust is a charitable social enterprise. We deliver and help other organisations to deliver community services which are value for money and create lasting benefits. This approach allows the community to lead and determine its own future.

We believe our approach can bring value to other UK communities. Therefore, we are expanding our work and influencing decision-makers to adopt our approach. We do this through 5 Business Objectives, which we believe are fundamental for community development:hex-points

Our history

We are a resident-led organisation, with a resident majority on our Board of Trustees. We were formed by Hackney Council in 2007 as the lead for community development on the Woodberry Down Regeneration Scheme. Our role was to ensure the local community were able to benefit from the £1 billion investment into the area. Read more about the Regeneration Scheme here.

Since then we have evolved into a fully independent organisation working beyond the Woodberry Down estate, delivering successful community development programmes including. Click here to see the full list of current projects. Despite the economic climate, our turnover has grown by over 500% since 2010.

Who is our community?

We define our community as our immediate area of benefit, as illustrated in the map. However, our vision goes beyond this area. We are confident that our approach to community development can be replicated on other regeneration sites and could be scaled up to deliver services in any community. A significant part of our work is around sharing learning to influence community development approaches more widely.