We celebrate Black History Month with an African Culture Celebration Day at the Redmond Community Centre on the 25th October, run by local group Blema Dancers

Saturday afternoons and Monday nights have been blasting with beats over the past 6 weeks at The Edge Youth Hub on Woodberry Grove. Local teachers Blema Dancers, have been sharing some traditional rhythms and movements from Ghana with young people and residents across the estate, and from neighbouring boroughs, as part of the Participatory Budget programme, as part of the Well London project phase 2. 

Learning a song and dance about coming of age, women who took part in the rehearsals performed at the Celebration Day. The day consisted of drumming and dance workshops with live musicians which children really enjoyed, and an exhibition of carnival costumes in the new cafe area at the centre.

The dance group opened up the evening performances dressed in traditional costume of gold hats, dresses and beads while we enjoyed a traditional meal of spicy vegetable soup, jolof rice and jerk chicken as the music continued into the night. The ladies did really well attracting many local people to celebrate the day – well done!

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