Manor House PACT has organised 10 bushcraft sessions aiming to teach wild skills to the local community!

Around 75 adults and children have learned how to use natural resources such as food foraging, building shelter and cooking in the wild. The children’s session done in partnership with the Edge Youth Hub also focused on teaching young people the concepts of locally sourced food, saving energy and exploring the outdoor spaces a little bit more! The feedback was very positive and children have pledged to tell their friends and families about the sessions!

The adult bushcraft class also taught how to use natural resources to cook, forage and light fires but they also learnt other survival skills such as building a sweat lodge in the wild, making tools out of wood, building a shelter and carving tent pegs out of wood.

One of the adults said:

I really feel that the bushcraft classes are something that every community needs. Everyone should have basic survival skills because you will never know whether these skills are needed or not. We need to use our natural resources in a more responsible and sustainable way.

If you would like to have a taste of these wilderness skills why not join us in the Hidden River Festival on 12th September? Click here for more information!