Volunteers from within the local community and elsewhere gave a hand to help clear Manor House’s East Reservoir of all rubbish and anything else that is threatening to the environment.

Even with a gloomy start to Saturday 5th September 2015 a group of about 15 volunteers came out with the grey clouds to support the local clean up that took place at the East Reservoir.

On the day the volunteers were split up into 3 groups and worked on different parts of the reservoir for example using a small boat to clear the river of anything that should not be there, walking along the path that is parallel to the river whilst looking out for anything that should not be there and litter-picking around the reservoir and along the path.

Volunteers discovered lots of wildlife on the day. Two of the discoveries were a group frogs hiding in the mud and amongst the rubbish. Another discovery that volunteers came across whilst cleaning the river was a crayfish! This is seen as a good sign as it means that the water is relatively clean!

The day ended with a well deserved PACT Meal which volunteers also gave a hand in making.