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Artists Flävia Dent and Helena Crabtree have worked together on a collaborative photographic project that continues their investigation into architecture, light, and space, this time with the lens pointed at Woodberry Down.  

Helena Crabtree is a graduate in Fine Art and lives and works in Hackney. Since graduating, Crabtree has focused on photography continuing her exploration of light, architecture and space in this medium.  Flävia Dent is an artist based in Tottenham. Supported by writing and conversation, Dent’s photographic work is evidence of her thought process. Whilst the exhibition exhibits finished works, the collaborative photographic project itself is in constant flux and will be developed further in the future. The project is community based.

To find out more about the work of Helena and Flavia you can visit their exhibition at the Redmond Community Centre until October 11th 2015. All works exhibited at the Redmond Centre are for sale. For more information on works for sale contact the artists directly via phone or email: