IWD - CANDID GIRLFRIENDSWe’ll be celebrating International Women’s Day with FREE arts and crafts, tea and biscuits and the chance to explore the importance of female friendship with two wonderful performance artists, Vanio Papadelli and Tania Batzoglou!

This is a FREE event  and everybody is welcome! Share your memories and stories about female friends through words, songs, crafts and other creative activities.  Drop in alone or with friends and stay for as long as you like.

The event will be facilitated by two female performance artists, Tania Batzoglou and Vanio Papadelli, as part of their project CANDID.

Together, we will celebrate women of the past, of myths, and tales, women next door, women of the future. Women who dare and women who share!

Feel free to contact the performance artists at vanyo_ka@yahoo.gr for more information.