Our Impact Reports

PACT Impact Report

Manor House Development Trust is delighted to announce the launch of its Impact Report for the Manor House PACT project, an in-depth analysis of the difference our project has made to addressing climate change vulnerability in North London.

MHDT Social Impact Report

This report shows how our approach to community development has improved local people’s lives. The evidence, examples and case studies contain lessons for politicians, policy makers and communities across the UK and beyond.

Alison Freeman, New Economics Foundation: “I am impressed by the depth and time Manor House Development Trust has spent really listening to their stakeholders. Shining out of the report is a sincere commitment to communicating the difference that their works makes from the perspective of their community and service users. This depth of collaboration is sure to pay off as they co-produce further activities and schemes that take impact to the next step”.

Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Headline figures showing the financial value of the social impact we generate for every £1 invested, along with an analysis of where the value is going and some important examples of value we have created for the local community.

Half the Battle

The impact of community reintegration and building self-esteem on the Ex-Armed Forces. This report highlights the importance on non-military charities in building Veteran’s sense of belonging.

The impact of long-term engagement on empowerment & behaviour change

In this report, we explore the importance of long-term engagement, how we define ’empowerment’ and behaviour change with a collection of inspiring stories from local people.

Our Annual Reports

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