The Green Estate Programme delivered by Manor House Development Trust was awarded £40,000 over 1 year funded by Hackney.
Project Summary
Manor House Development Trust delivered Home Energy Visits project which supported residents vulnerable to fuel poverty in their homes to reduce their energy consumption by:
• identifying and installing appropriate low-cost measures to improve energy efficiency (e.g. low energy bulbs); • making realistic changes to their behaviour and making pledges to reduce energy use; • providing fuel switching advice; signposting to available grants (e.g. Warmer Homes Discount) and assisting with applications in context to ever-rising fuel costs and incomes decreasing, resulting in more people falling into fuel poverty.
Home energy visits were delivered to a total number of 402 properties within 8 estates. Emphasis was given to vulnerable residents; those with long-term health conditions, older residents and families on low incomes, as these groups often spend most on energy bills.
The delivery model included one visit per household that was carried out by a qualified energy advisor. Also, events and activities were arranged to engage residents around energy saving topics.

GREEN ESTATES – Hackey, MHDT – Final Year Report 2017-18