The creative skills of tailoring expert Fran Husser using simple techniques and a sewing machine to Refashion unwanted clothes from your wardrobe into something completely new took place at the Redmond Community Centre this summer.

Local children, parents and carers came along to discover skills they never new they had in the art of Upcycling. During the morning sessions parents came with their toddlers to get busy cutting up old t-shirts and men’s shirts into items of clothing that the little ones could wear such as shorts and leggings for boys and girls.

In the afternoon older kids with the help of their parents made handy reusable cloth bags and some of the adults came up with their own ideas to fashion an apron made from an old tablecloth, a skirt from a mans shirt, a dress for her daughter and useful accessories. Let us know what you think and would like to see more of at the community centre which would help you to think about using unused items in your home to upcycle and make use of again thus reducing the amount of items you just throw away.