Local residents are keenly taking up the FREE home energy visits from our Handy Andy who now on his 770 visit. If you live in manor house area you are eligible for a visit. Tailored advice to reduce your energy bills and simple practice measures like energy-saving light bulbs, water-saving shower heads and much much more.

George from Middleton Avenue saved £530, Local cook Lydia saved £340, Millicent £399, Claudette£279.74 all from their energy bills during a quick chat with Andy.

Andy also goes lydiaathat extra mile to refer you to outside help if really necessary, local resident Eugenie got a brand new walk in shower fitted instead of her bath which helped her feel much more safer in her bathroom via Haringey Integrated Access (social services)shower

Check out our Trilby Hats which will be given to you during your summer home energy visits a practical measure that will keep you looking cool and feeling cool during a hot Summers day! 

If you want to be a PACT Energy Saver and maybe save some extra cash off your energy bills to spend on your summer holidays please contact

Andy Roberts – Home Energy Assessor PACT PROJECT  on 07889 756 718 or click here for more details.