There are three key ways in which you can cut down on your waste that ends up in landfill. These are known as the ‘Three Rs’—reduce, re-use and recycle.

By rethinking what resources we really need and refusing what you don’t, you can reduce waste, help the environment and inspire others! When we throw things away all the energy and carbon that went in to producing that product is wasted, by reducing the amount of waste we produce in the first place we can make a real difference.

Manor House PACT promoted reducing waste through our Closer Neighbours project, reducing tonnes of food waste through our PACT meals projects and through events such as Give or take events throughout the past 3 years.

Here are some tips to help you reduce the amount of waste you produce:

  • Reduce your use of single-use and disposable products where possible and choose alternatives which can be used again. For example, instead of buying bottled water on the run, take a bottle with you from home.
  • Buy in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging you collect. This can also save you money.
  • PACT can issue you with a re-usable bag, so you can cut down on plastic bag use.
  • When you’re buying fruit and vegetables, pop them straight into your trolley rather than plastic bags and shop for products with minimal packaging where possible.
  • If you don’t read advertising mail, put a sign on your letterbox.
  • Plan your meals to use items before they go out of date.
  • Compost your food waste.

Watch this video “The Story of Stuff” – an insightful video to inspire us to use less resources



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