In February 2014, our Energy Assessor Andy Roberts met local resident Sam Jewell, who has invented a document reader to assist blind/partially sighted people to read their bills, by coverting them into audio. Andy connected Sam up with Sahera who is registered partially sighted.

Sam and Sehera

Andy recognised the device would be useful for vulnerable clients and has since connected Sam up with willing residents. One of these residents is  Sahera Shaikh who is registered disabled and partially sighted.

She has had trouble reading energy bills so Andy arranged a home visit to help. This involved calling energy companies and the national grid on her behalf. He also arranged for Sam to present his device to her, which Sahera was amazed by. Manor House Development Trust then provided financial support to help her pay for it.

Sahera was extremely grateful, saying:
“Thanks to Manor House PACT and Andy, this device will be a great help to me in the future!”.

This case shows our project creates added value through connecting our community and providing a tailored service to meet needs of individual vulnerable residents.