On Friday March 20th, celebrate this momentous moment with us at the Redmond Community Centre. Get here for 9.15am and receive a free pair of solar lenses. This is followed by a day of music & arts workshops.

solar-eclipseThe longest duration of totality for this eclipse will be viewed off the coast of the Faroe Islands – for us here in London (fingers crossed for clear skies!) we will see the start of the eclipse at 8:25am and the mid-eclipse at 9:31am. Join us at the Redmond Community Centre with special glasses that allows us to look at the sun. There hasn’t been a total solar eclipse in Europe for over a decade and the next one won’t be until August 12, 2026! The eclipse will end at 10:41am.

We have a great event to welcome the Spring that day, Joy of Sound will be hosting a day/evening of inclusive participatory activities with disabled wl-logo.gifJesspeople and members of the local community, with holistic workshops, a lovely lunch provided by Well London and volunteers at the Redmond Roots Cafe, ‘with an evening of musical happening all promise to be wholly abuzz with the resonance of the fresh blossom and birdsong of spring,’ as said by organiser William Longden!

Download the flyer here to check out the timetable of FREE events, including yoga classes, a nature trail and holistic therapies. 

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