Want to cook food that’s good for you, your wallet and the planet?

Want to find and share solutions to healthy eating and high food bills that work for you and your family? Then join ‘Hubbub’ in partnership with Made in Hackney this May for an exciting new research project exploring why we eat what we eat!

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Environmental charity Hubbub are delighted to host a 2-week research project in May together with community kitchen Made in Hackney. It will explore different ways of cooking healthier, cheaper and more sustainable food for you and your family.

The project will consist of 1 Introductory Meal (evening) and 3 Cooking Workshops (choice of daytime or evening), either in our lovely MIH kitchen or at the Redmond Community Centre (N4). The events will take place 10th – 27th May, the course is open to anyone and it’s completely free. All participants will receive a selection of healthy ingredients and recipes at the end of the project.

Please note that participants will be required to attend the Introductory Meal and the three Cooking Workshops.


10th May: Introductory Meal at Redmond Community Centre, 6 – 8pm

19th May: Cooking Workshop at Made in Hackney, 10-2pm or 5-9pm

25th May: Cooking Workshop at Redmond Community Centre, 10-2pm or 5-9pm

27th May: Cooking Workshop at Redmond Community Centre, 10-2pm or 5-9pm

We hope that you want to be part of this very exciting project. To apply please email stine@hubbub.org.uk or call us at 0 20 3701 7541. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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