The PACT Project is looking for enthusiastic volunteers looking to gain skills and experience in Impact measurement and the evaluation of projects!

A survey for the Better Neighbourhoods project

A survey for the Better Neighbourhoods project

This opportunity relates specifically to learning about the impact of an environmental sustainability project, Manor House PACT which comes to an end in early 2016.

In order to measure the social impact that all of the PACT Activities are having, we are undertaking a Social Impact Project with CAN Invest. We have been collecting a range of quantitative data, but also qualitative data, through interviews and focus groups. As a result of this, we would like to offer our volunteer network the opportunity to become a Social Impact Interviewer.

What will you be doing?

The aim of social impact interviews is for us to understand what changed for the participants in project activities as a result of being involved with PACT, whether positive or negative, and whether these outcomes were expected or not. To do this, we ask participants a few questions and let them tell us their story. For example, a participant may tell us about the increase in confidence they gained as a result of the work placement or how much they have gained from spending time working with others in their community.

If this sounds like something that would interest you, then we can offer you support from a dedicated volunteer coordinator and we will provide a fun and practical training session with CAN Invest and MHDT, where you will:

  • Understand what ‘social impact’ is and why it is important for the PACT programme to measure it
  • Understand the role stakeholder engagement plays in social impact measurement
  • Learn some techniques for interviewing stakeholders
  • Put these techniques into practice

What are the benefits?

Social impact measurement is becoming increasingly important for project funders and deliverers. This volunteering initiative will give you the opportunity to develop a range of skills around social impact, from a leading organisation in the sector.

What do we need from you?

We would like to volunteers to  work as part of a team of volunteers who can commit to undertaking three interviews each over the period October 2015 – January 2016 and reporting back to MHDT and CAN Invest on their findings.

Please contact Carolina Correia 0203 819 5616 or if you would like more information. Also visit our website at