The Redmond Centre is working in partnership with Hackney Council to give you an opportunity to recycle those unwanted Christmas presents and to help you have a new year clear out at our Give and Take Day.

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As well as a chance for you to get rid of items you can also pick up some useful household items… and it’s all FREE!

The benefits of Give or Take Days.
By reusing things instead of throwing them away, we reduce the amount of
waste sent to landfill, reduce fly tipping and help to save the earth’s valuable
resources. Give and Take Days also offer a chance for you to pick up some
useful household items for free, so save you money too.

Donating – items that can be given
Unwanted items that are good quality and in working order, such as:
Garden Tools

Taking items away
You can take anything away that you need or could use. You don’t need to give something to be able to take something.

FREE Community Meal

There will also be a community meal available, feeding hungry givers and takers and reducing food waste at the same time!

Find more info here: Hackney Council webpage