Past Projects


Manor House PACT was a £1 million, 3 year project, introduced to help shape a sustainable future for the people of Manor House. The project was part of The Big Lottery Fund’s  Communities Living Sustainably programme which which was introduced to help make climate change more visible and relevant to local communities across England.
To find out more, please read our detailed project impact report here, which details the story of what was achieved.

Grow & Eat
Volunteering & Training

PACT’s main aim was to work on making the Manor House area a much more environmentally friendly place and a ‘Greener’ neighbourhood to be a part of. Through the PACT project we have worked with local communities, schools and residents groups to reduce waste, tackle air pollution in the area and get local people active in taking action to live more sustainably.

The Manor House PACT project explored how local people and our urban community could develop their resilience to the consequences of climate change such as increased energy demand, food scarcity and air pollution.

We believe developing resilience encompassed:

  • Living more sustainably by managing natural resources such as energy, water and food wisely
  • Strengthening social networks and communities
  • Creating new economic opportunities for local people
  • Improving physical, emotional and mental health

We aimed to enable local people, businesses and communities to thrive by being prepared for changes to our climate, adapting how they live and connecting with each other in new and different ways. The project partners included the two local councils, housing providers, a private sector house builder, voluntary agencies, individuals and social enterprises.

Our project has engaged communities living in the following area of North East London:

The partnership developed the project by:
  • Increasing the awareness of ‘headline’ climate change issues amongst local people and making it relevant to their everyday lives
  • Identifying and supporting vulnerable people and those most at risk from extreme weather
  • Establishing a network of local volunteers able to champion sustainable living in their community
  • Assessing and making homes and buildings in the area as energy and resource-efficient as possible
  • Providing free training opportunties for local people to be able to access jobs arising from the green economy
  • Working with key statutory partners such as Hackney and Haringey Councils, with the aim of maximising resilience in our project area 
We have embedded training, volunteering and employment opportunities in Manor House PACT by, for example:
  • Training people on how to save energy, water and money through how they live in their homes – and in the process encouraging them to become PACT Champions to share information with those around them
  • Creating a highly-skilled green workforce ready to assess and carrying out work on homes and buildings
  • Launching new social enterprises to meet identified needs
  • Funding
    Funding for the Manor House PACT project has come from the The Big Lottery Fund who have awarded Manor House Development Trust £1m for the period 2013 – 2016 as part of its Communities Living Sustainably programme to deliver the PACT project.