This PACT project aimed to raise awareness of the issue of air pollution locally, by engaging teachers, school children and their parents in adapting their behaviours to combat the issue for themselves.

We worked with two schools in the local area to raise awareness of the issue through a mix of citizen science, school projects and sustainable transport planning with parents.

Stamford Hill Primary School

PACT commissioned London Sustainability Exchange (Lsx) to work with year 3 pupils at Stamford Hill primary school over the summer term.

Tiverton Primary School

Pupils and Staff at Tiverton Primary School enjoyed a day of fun activities as they learnt about local air quality issues during a ‘Bubble’ Day on Friday 17th May 2013.

Top Tips for parents to avoid air pollution

These simple actions can improve air quality and make you and your children healthier:

Travel to school
  • Avoid busy roads with heavy traffic. Walking a quieter route can reduce exposure to harmful pollution by up to 50%
  • Walk or cycle to school! It is good exercise and can reduce air pollution.
  • Use public transport: take the bus, tube or train instead of the car.
  • If you have to travel to school by car, try car-sharing with other friends.
Promote sustainable travel
  • Encourage your children and their friends to walk and cycle whenever possible (on quieter roads)
  • Encourage friends and family to walk and cycle or car-share.
  • Discuss air quality issues with your teachers, friends and family.
  • Make sure everyone you know is aware of the dangers of air pollution.
If you must drive
  • Fully inflate car tyres so your car uses less petrol.
  • Switch the engine off while waiting for your child after school.
  • Ensure that you have your vehicle serviced at regular intervals.
  • Try to use your car less frequently to reduce pollution, particularly for journeys under 2km.
  • Don’t start your engine until you’re ready to travel. Turn the engine off if you are waiting or stuck in a traffic jam.
  • Avoid rapid acceleration and heavy braking: they both increase fuel consumption and air pollution.
  • Stay within the speed limit: you use 30% more fuel to travel the same distance at 70mph instead of 50mph.

Cleaner Air for Manor House Schools was a project delivered for the PACT project by London Sustainability Exchange









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