Our network of community groups came together to help inspire you and your neighbours to be more environmentally aware and to learn together about simple ways you can live more sustainably.

We helped support you to explore a whole range of ways in which you as a community can act together to:

  • Raise awareness of climate change and how it affects us
  • Use energy more efficiently
  • Reduce waste
  • Source and grow your own food
  • Learn about the benefits of smarter travel options

Benefits from being apart of the Closer Neighbours Team:

  • Fun, community building activity
  • Peer support to work through ideas
  • Financial savings from adopting more sustainable living
  • Feeling empowered to make positive changes that leave a healthier planet to future generations
  • Flexibility to choose between a facilitated model with local education charity ecoACTIVE delivering training for you or for the sessions to be delivered by members of your group

Those involved were provided with:

  • Support to get your group started
  • A toolkit of resources to help aid discussions and to bring home to put your discussion into action.
  • A facilitation guide to help you run and administer your group
  • Regular newsletters, updating you on sustainability activity across the Manor House area and beyond.
  • We will provide access to our range of contacts across Hackney and Haringey
  • We will provide up to £150 towards the expenses of the grouip



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