Mental Health Awareness Week is here and to contribute to the discussion and promote awareness in the community, we organised a full day of informative, healthy and stress relieving activities at the Redmond Community Centre.

With the help of a team of volunteers, our local master chef Lydia, cooked a healthy hearty ECO meal made entirely from surplus food donated by local shopkeepers. Together they turned all the variety of vegetables and fruit they received into a colorful feast for the local community members to enjoy.

While waiting for desert, Nadia a local artist and musician, got everyone singing and shaking their hips to the rhythms of her drum. Some even danced the conga!

In the afternoon, people could walk between a variety of stalls in the Main Hall and access information from Family Action, Ways Into Work, Active Within and Shine, and get their BMI checked with Health Coaches from the Shortage Trust. Those who wanted to discover their artistic side engaged in colouring-in mandalas, and art therapy workshops led by local artists Tamara and Loredana.

We finished the day with a relaxing yoga session from Active Within.

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